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Director Independence


The Board has determined that all of the Company’s current Directors and Directors who served during 2020, with the exception of Mr. Douglas L. Peterson (the Company’s President and Chief Executive Officer), have met the independence requirements of the NYSE based upon the application of objective categorical standards adopted by the Board. To be considered independent, a Director must have no material relationship (other than as a Director) with the Company, or any of its subsidiaries, either directly or as a partner, shareholder or officer of an organization that has a material relationship with the Company or any of its subsidiaries. In making independence determinations, the Board broadly considers all relevant facts and circumstances.

In addition, members of the Audit Committee must also satisfy the SEC and NYSE independence requirements, which provide that they may not be affiliates and may not accept directly or indirectly any consulting, advisory or other compensatory fee from the Company or any of its subsidiaries, other than their directors’ compensation. The Board evaluated each member of the Compensation and Leadership Development Committee (the “Compensation Committee”) under the additional SEC and NYSE compensation committee member standards and also determined that these members qualify as “non-employee directors” (as defined under Rule 16b-3 under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934).

Source: Proxy Statement, filed March 29, 2021

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